Malana Cream Hash

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Malana Cream Hash Online For Sale

Buy Malana Cream Hash online which comes from the Malana Valley in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. Charas called bhang in Himachal, is the sap acquired from animal types or strains of the cannabis plant (herbal characterization of cannabis is questioned), which fills normally in the valley and is additionally developed wrongfully. The valley has a solitary town, Malana, and the hash gum created there is by and large more ‘velvety’, or mud-like, when contrasted with that delivered in different pieces of the state.

Malana Cream and Kerala Gold are the two quality names among an Indian stoner or a hash hunter. While the latter is hard to find but the former one is easily available in one of the beautiful Himachali villages name ‘Malana’.

Malana or also known as one of the mysterious villages In India is home to one of the most popular ‘Charas’ grown in India i.e. The “Malana Cream”.

Do you know, this Charas / Hashish is also very popular in Amsterdam cannabis menus. The quality of this Hashish is so pure that even in Delhi and other parts of India, Hashish dealers claim their stuff as Malana stuff to get a higher price.

Cannabis is kind of a religion for Malana locals. Unlike other Himachali villages where the villagers grow vegetables, Malana only grows one plant i.e. the famous Malana Cannabis. You can see small cannabis plants everywhere. Plus the village is also known for its large stretch of cannabis fields grown near the village. So the livelihood of these villagers basically depends on the cannabis farming and the money they get after selling their stuff.

A few years back, no one knew about this small little hamlet in Himachal. But with the emergence of media and also due to this Malana cream, the village has become a popular tourist destination among stoners all around the globe.

Interesting facts about malana cream

  • Malana cream has won the best hashish title twice in 1994 and 1996 at High times magazines Cannabis cup. This proves how high the quality of this hash throughout the world
  • It is very oily or high in oil content which made it more famous throughout the world.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol mainly known as THC which decides the quality of weed has a very high value in malana cream. Probably 30℅ to 40℅ of THC is claimed by many whereas, in many other parts of India this value goes from probably 5℅ to 6℅.
  • Due to the High content of THC, the psychoactive effect of this hash is very strong that’s why it is famous throughout the world.
  • The climate of malana is quite favorable for the production of high THC content marijuana, which makes this hash best, not in India but through out the globe.
  • How easily it is formed? The cream is the oil you extract out of flowering buds of the plant. The bud is rub between the palms of the harvester’s hands. In this way, malana Cream is formed.
  • The heirloom varieties grown in Malana are naturally high resin producers, making hash extractions from the plant all the more potent.
  • Someone has called about it “The only hidden God and a heavenly miracle is someway in malana the pure and dustless cream.”So, you can estimate its popularity.
  • Malana Cream, the best in the world. Even most of the coffee shops in Amsterdam sell you Malana cream. It’s just too clean and fresh and takes you to a different level.
  • Malana cream is Considered a gift of Parvati valley hidden in different layers. A gift of Parvati valley is also considered as a catalyst in integration with lord Shiva.

How To Identify Malana Cream

There are certain traits with which you can easily figure out whether it is a normal hashish or from Malana


  • The color of this cream is dark and one of the darkest hashish throughout the globe. So before paying any money, do keep an eye on the color of the Marijuana they are selling.


  • Malana Marijuana has a peppermint kind of smell with a mix of burned wood.


  • As the smell suggests, you will find a bit minty taste in it.


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