Bloom Farms

Bloom Farms was founded in 2015 by Michael Ray in California. He’s a cannabis advocate who has the vision to change the social stigmas towards people who are using cannabis or making it a way of living through farming practices. The company is also committed to food security which means for each Bloom Farms product you buy, a healthy meal will be provided to a food-insecure individual or family.

Bloom Farms carry a wide variety of CBD products vape carts and bloom vape pens as well as full-spectrum tinctures that are available on Tinctures often have high CBD content that’s specifically made for medicinal purposes to treat seizures, anxiety, depression, and relieve physical pains like arthritis.

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1 Cart, 4 Carts, 10 Carts, 30 Carts, 50 Carts


Silver Haze, Jack Frost, Infinity Kush, SPK, Monster Cookies, GSC, ACDC


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