Grav 4″ Sandblasted Spoon Pipe



Length  Height: 4″
Use With: Flower
Carb: On The Left
Designed  By: Dave Daily



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Best place to buy Grav pipes online, A modern finish on a classic design, Grav’s 4″ Sandblasted Spoon Hand Pipes sport a frosted finish for a fun texture to hold. These spoon pipes are all 4″ long, features a carb on the left side of the bowl, and have the same inverted-cone ash catcher at the mouthpiece as their Classic counterpart. Each spoon is crafted from 25mm borosilicate glass, sandblasted for its unique, frosted, matte finish.

Sandblasted glass

Texture matte-ers when it comes to the GRAV® Sandblasted Spoon. The exterior of these pipes has been sandblasted to create a matte and frosty finish. The resulting texture feels as nice as it looks. With the Sandblasted Spoon’s inverted ash catching mouthpiece and deep bowl, you’ll be feeling as hazy as your pipe in no time.

The best pipes are the ones that make you feel like you have something personal, something friendly, something that’s uniquely your own. Grav Labs is one of the most reliable brands for personalized pieces. Historically, they’re known for fun pieces like Sherlock or Gandalf, both of which feature recognizable designs and a strong pull with every hit.





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White, Amber, Lake Green, Black, Blue, Green, Mint Green, Pink, Lavender, Smoke Gray


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